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booth #42

AMIQ EDA provides software tools that enable design and verification engineers increase the speed and quality of new code development, simplify legacy code maintenance, accelerate language and methodology learning, and improve source code reliability:
 - DVT Eclipse IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the e language, SystemVerilog, Verilog, Verilog-AMS and VHDL. It is similar to well-known programming tools like Visual Studio®, NetBeans®, and IntelliJ®.
 - Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter is a coding guideline and verification methodology compliance checker that enables engineers to perform a thorough audit of their testbenches.
 - Specador is a tool that automatically generates accurate documentation from the source code.


AMIQ EDA was founded in 2008 and it has a team of ~15 RnD engineers. Our solutions have been adopted worldwide by 100+ companies in 30+ countries. 9 of Top 10 Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Leaders in Q1 2017 use our software to improve productivity and reduce time to market.

booth #43

Professional R&D ASIC Solutions Company, offering a wide range of Services designed to meet specific needs of customers who require maximum value in their design projects. Inomize is the largest Israeli ASIC design Solutions Company. Inomize is offering a unique business model to startup companies.

booth #38

Mentor, a Siemens Business, is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor and systems companies. We enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively.  Our innovative products help conquer complex design challenges. Mentor is technology leader in full chip emulation, Design-for-Test and physical verification with its Veloce®, Tessent® and Calibre® platforms. Visit www.mentor.com

booth #16 + #17

Micon, established in 2001, provides leading international semiconductors companies the advantages of reaching the innovative Israeli semiconductors industry. We shorten the distance between tier-one global suppliers & service providers and local Israeli semiconductors companies. Leverage our expertise to integrate your company with the Israeli advanced technology sector.
Micon's proven track record of facilitating successful international partnerships was forged thanks to our commitment to provide ongoing support and immediate response to clients’ needs. That accessibility and responsiveness has earned Micon long-term client loyalty and trust. Our network includes Israel's largest semiconductors companies, as well as technology start-ups and early-stage ventures. With our multidisciplinary and experienced team, Micon can answer the needs of any size client.  

booth #41

Real Intent is a leading provider of EDA software to accelerate Early Functional Verification and Advanced Sign-off of digital designs. We provide comprehensive clock and reset domain crossing verification, advanced RTL analysis and sign-off solutions to eliminate complex SoC failure modes. The Verix, Meridian, and Ascent product families lead the market in performance, capacity, accuracy, and completeness.  

booth #42

Satris Group represents advanced technologies for the semiconductor and SW fields in Israel. It’s portfolio covers many domains including Arteris’ Network-On-a-Chip interconnect, Amiq’s Verification IDE tools, Kilopass’ Non-Volatile-Memories, Magillem’s Product Data Management and IP-Xact tools, Silexica’s SW  tools for multi cores , and more. The Satris management is well known for its deep technical understanding and for addressing customer's needs. Satris’ goal is to bring advanced technologies to the Israeli users, enabling them to keep their leading-edge in the markets. These technologies often require strong support and Satris is known for is uncompromising commitment to customer success. Satris functions as the catalyst and enabler of close and cooperative relationships between vendors and users, resulting in joint success for all parties.

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